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FAQ                                                                                            FREQUENT REACTION [Chinese] [English] [Malay]

   I have tried lots of slimming products, why is B-Fit Coffee different?
    B-Fit Coffee works effectively to soften and remove the accumulation of hardened build-up of wastes and fats. It also accelerates the breakdown of fat and regulates our digestive system to facilitate bowel movement and ease of excretion from our body. Since the benefits are accumulation and long lasting, daily supplement with B-Fit Coffee will help prevent build up of excessive fat in your body and to maintain an ideal body weight and shape.
   Are B-Fit products safe to use?
    B-Fit products contain 100% natural ingredients without any animal ingredients or harmful substances. B-Fit products is tested and approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia and is safe for consumption. It is also certified HALAL by Islamic Development Department of Malaysia and is suitable for consumption by Muslims.
   Do I need to continue with B-Fit Coffee even I have lost weight?
    It depends on whether you continue to consume a lot of high fat food or deep fried food. Usage of B-Fit Coffee is recommended if you continue to consume lots high fat content food.
   Do I have to exercise?
    Exercise would certainly help any weight loss programmed but more importantly exercise is contributed to a good health.
   How soon can I see the effectiveness of B-Fit Coffee?
    Most users experience significant improvement within 2 weeks time. However, as the benefits are accumulative over time, the longer it is used, the more significantly obvious the result will be.
   Why do my menstrual period pro-long and menses increased?
    It is a good sign because detoxification is taking place. Females with irregular menses of metabolism are bound to have prolonged menstrual period, increasing in menses or temporarily stop in menstruation, such abnormal signs, but it is only last for short period.
   Why do I feel increasing of heart beat and feeling dizzy?
    It is a natural process of detoxifying and burning fat which will increase level rate of our body metabolism thus smoother blood flow. Normally, it will happen on patients who have weaker health and low blood sugar. Recommended to reduce the consumption of coffee to half sachet for few days (about 4-5 days) and then continue to normal consumption.
   How does B-Fit Cleanse work?
    The natural ingredients in B-Fit Cleanse works by softening accumulated waste & increase muscle activity in the colon. It helps regulate digestion system and propels waste in the large intestine to the rectum.
   After a few days, I taking B-Fit Cleanse, why I have darker colour defecation?
    People who have been exposed to large number of toxins from chemicals in foodstuff and drugs, over the years suffer from build up in the colon which are struck in the folds and walls of the colon and is especially critical if water intake is minimal. Do not be alarmed to see your stools turning black or the sudden increase of bowel movements. It is a good sign because detoxification is taking place. This is only temporary and your bowel movement should resume to normal.
   Why do I feel a slight stomachache before having bowel movements?
    There will be an increase in the muscle movement in the colon when removing toxins which are stuck in the folds & walls. That muscle movement might give you a slight discomfort and the feeling will disappear after defecation. This shows that the product is taking effect. Those who have a cleaner colon will not experience this. For more serious cases, recommended to reduce the consumptions to half sachet for few days (about 4-5 days) and then continue to normal consumption.
   How can B-Fit Cleanse help to beautify my skin?
    People who suffer from constipation have bad complexion. The once clogged colon which caused pimples & blemishes are cleansed by B-Fit Cleanse is now ready for nutrients to be replenished. The deeper layer of your skin is well nourished and becomes radiant. When you have a well-cleansed colon you will have a fresh looking face & smooth skin.
   Why do I have to take B-Fit Cleanse when I have regular bowel movements daily?
    There is a different between constipation and detoxification. Although you have regular bowel movements there might be toxins that are not excreted. B-Fit Cleanse does not only help people with constipation or detoxification. The wholesome natural ingredients nourish your colon and carried into your blood system too.
   Some people that colon cleansing will expel all valuable nutrients out of the body. Is this so?
    No. B-Fit Cleanse contains of natural ingredients does not over-stimulate the intestines or cause lethargy associated with excess nutrients loss. By removing unwanted waste, our body can easily absorb the nutrients in the digestive tract.
   Why do I have rashes and skin feel itchy?
    It is signals of detoxifying that happen on someone whose liver function weak. For more serious cases, recommended to reduce the consumption.
   Can anyone take B-Fit Soy Collagen?
    B-Fit Soy Collagen recommended to those who wish to maintain a growing, healthy and youthful appearance.
   Any side effects?
    Collagen is derived from natural source without any chemical additive or any animal ingredients. There is no evidence on the undesirable's side effect of collagen.
   How long will it take before I see the results?
    Everyone reacts differently toward any supplement. Some may see results immediately while others may take months. It is important that you stick with the programmed for at least 6 months to allow your body from benefiting it.
   Can I take B-Fit Soy Collagen with other supplements, such as Vitamin C?
    There are no particular items that should be avoided with collagen intake. In fact, by consuming other supplements like vitamin C would be added advantage.
   Can I take B-Fit Soy Collagen if I'm pregnant or breast feeding?
    Collagen is a 100% natural food supplement. However, as a general rule for all supplements, pregnant or breast feeding women should consult their medical professional beforehand.
   Can I take B-Fit Soy Collagen during my menstrual cycle?
    It is safe to consume collagen at any given time considering that it is not a pharmaceutical. However, it you have been suffering from severe menstruation problems, it is advisable to consult your medical professional.
   Do I have to depend on B-Fit Soy Collagen to reap continued benefit?
    Our body losses collagen everyday, hence it is vital for us to continuously consume collagen. No side effects will occur when you stop consuming the supplement. As we are losing collagen everyday, by stopping the collagen intake, the ageing symptom will soon appear as part of the natural process.
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